Emrys Journal--Annual Print Issue

Emrys Journal accepts submissions for the print issue every year from August 1 - November 1. We no longer accept mailed submissions. We are especially interested in promoting emerging writers and underrepresented voices.

Prizes of $250 will be awarded to one selection in each genre for outstanding poetry, short fiction, and creative nonfiction.

-We accept simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.

-We recommend reading the most recent issue of Emrys Journal to get an idea of what kind of work we like: http://www.emrys.org/bookstore/

-We allow multiple submissions, but please give us a chance to respond to one piece before sending us another one in the same genre.

-We're not too picky about formatting, but 12 pt. Times New Roman (or something similar) is nice and easy to read.

Coming soon--Emrys Journal Online

Beginning now we're reading for the online companion to the journal, which will launch this summer. We're seeking flash fiction and nonfiction, shorter poems (as in less than a page), humor, lists and genre-defying miscellany. Submit below, or submit for free to emryswebsubmissions AT gmail DOT com. Please paste your submission into the body of the email.

The online companion to our print journal launches this summer!

What we're looking for: Flash fiction, essays, and humor pieces under 1,000 words, short poems ("short" being relative, but it should probably fit on one printed page), lists, comics, and miscellany (anything else, even if you're not sure what it is, as long as it's short). Please include the genre in the same line as your title.

We do charge a $2 reading fee, but if that fee presents a hardship, please feel free to email the editor directly: emryswebsubmissions [at] gmail [dot] com.